Proudly Delivering Pristine Mains Drinking Water To Tanks And Swimming Pools

Samford's Large Drinking Water Provider

The Samford Water Deliveries water truck has a manufacturer stamped carrying capacity of approximately 14,400 litres. [7 baffles: 2 @ 2,200 litres + 5 @ 2,000 litres]. However in Queensland, there are Transport Department Regulations limiting the maximum weight that may be lawfully carried by a truck, and Samford Water Deliveries complies with these regulations. Generally we are able to deliver on the same day as the request is made. Not always, but usually.

Owned and operated by long-time Samford residents, we have been delivering mains drinking water to Samford families for over 10 years.

Our goal has been to keep the price of delivered mains drinking water down as much as possible. 

The water delivered by Samford Water Deliveries is, and always has been, mains drinking water only. We concentrate on the delivery of domestic drinking water for tanks and/or swimming pools. 

Our water truck is the only one with the large blue poly tank. 

Current Price

Our business is based at Wights Mountain, Samford. We value every one of our customers, because each and every customer is an integral part of any success story for a small business.

We do not charge higher rates for weekend deliveries, public holidays or for any other reason.

Different family members may help deliver water to our customers.

Our water truck, standpipe and hoses are all meticulously maintained and sanitised. The standpipe is always flushed before the water is filled into the tanker. Since our tanker is not a steel tanker, there is no unusual or unpleasant taste in the water caused by ageing steel.

Our Mortein Bay Regional Licence issued pursuant to the Food Act is Licence No: HE/4947/2010/LRFP.


Our Water Delivery Price

Currently our price is $135 per tanker of water to Samford Village and the areas  surrounding Samford.


Whiteside is $145.

We are the least expensive provider of quality mains drinking water in Samford (and surrounding districts). If you are paying more than $135 for your tanker of water, then  you're wasting your money.

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